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July/August 2016

Investing in Latin America’s small to medium enterprises

In June, we released our social performance figures for 2015, which highlighted our commitment to the inclusive finance sector, as well as our outreach to small to medium enterprises.

In this edition, which has a Latin American focus, you will find the social results for 2015, stories about select partners that lend to small enterprises (SMEs) in Ecuador and Mexico and an interview with our country manager from Mexico, explaining our strategy to work with credit unions in the country. Our latest facts and figures are also available.

Meanwhile, in Canada, you'll get an update on the plans to unify our local support associations in Ontario and the western provinces.

Abhishek Bhasin, member of the soon-to-be-created Oikocredit Canada board, with Cecilia Maroño of Oikocredit's Uruguay office. Cecilia spoke about the challenges facing Manos del Uruguay, an Oikocredit partner helping to create global opportunities for Uruguan wool producers. Cecilia spoke to Oikocredit supporters in Toronto May 17.

Oikocredit Canada West and Central to form new single association for promotion and events

Members of Oikocredit Canada West (OCW) and Oikocredit Canada Central (OCC) will become members of a new national support association aiming to increase national collaboration and promotion for Oikocredit in Canada.

The name of the new association -- Oikocredit Canada -- is in the process of being registered. Oikocredit Canada Atlantic will remain as it is. Once the registration is complete, the new board will officially announce the association.

Read more in our letter to members

Oikocredit's social results for 2015

Through Oikocredit’s inclusive finance partners, 46 million clients were reached in 2015, up from 37 million. Of those microfinance clients, 86% were women, 51% were living in rural areas and 28% were active in agriculture.

Read the full press release about our results

Financial access in Ecuador

In the Chimborazo province, the majority of indigenous people are excluded from the traditional financial sector. Oikocredit partner Cooperativa Daquilema is changing that, providing access to finance within the community.

Read the story about Ecuador's entrepreneurs

Supporting SMEs in Mexico

Oikocredit partner CONCRECES is a credit union supporting small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Mexico. It aims to bring prosperity to the state of Oaxaca through inclusive finance. 

Read the story about CONCRECES

Interview: Oikocredit in Mexico

We interviewed our country manager for Mexico, Carlos Rius, about Oikocredit's strategy and how working with credit unions, such as CONCRECES, has become a focal point for the country's investment strategy.  

Read the interview with Carlos Ruis

Oikocredit facts & figures

Our facts and figures for the 4th quarter of 2015 include capital outstanding, total number of partners and countries where we invest as well as an overview of our funding by type, region and sector.

Read the facts & figures

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Pictured is Maria Digna Remache Chato, a client of Oikocredit partner Cooperativa Ambato in Ecuador. The credit and savings cooperative works almost exclusively with indigenous members of the Ambato community.

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