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Why Support Associations?

Oikocredit Canada’s Support Associations are groups of volunteers whose members are engaged in promoting Oikocredit’s mission. Volunteer associations are part of a long-standing tradition in Oikocredit’s work. In addition to being active volunteers for Oikocredit, Support Associations are members of the Oikocredit International co-operative.

Oikocredit has two Support Associations in Canada – Oikocredit Canada and Oikocredit Canada Atlantic. Click on the regions to learn more about how you can get involved in your local Support Association.


Introducing the Oikocredit Marketing Challenge

Introducing the Oikocredit Marketing Challenge

February 13, 2018 at 8:54 AM - by Rachel Gonsalves - 0 comments

Do you know what it takes to reach millennials? We want to talk to you.

Millennials are a force that cannot be ignored. According to a report by Environics Canada (2015), millennials aged 15-32 years old makeup 9.5 million of the Canadian population, and are 37% of Canada’s workforce.

As millennials are moving into their primary spending years, it has already been seen that they are drastically different consumers than any generation before. A recent Nielsen global study (2015), showed that millennials are willing to pay twice as much for sustainable and socially responsible offerings. Undoubtedly, the high value millennials place on the environment and social development will revolutionize the way they spend, and invest, their money. Increasingly, millennials are not satisfied with the anonymity of traditional investments and the fact that you have very little knowledge of where your money is going and what it is doing within a company.

Impact investing is the solution. Through organizations like Oikocredit, investments are made so that they benefit people and the planet while still earning a reasonable return for the investor. Oikocredit’s diverse portfolio creates social impact by having investments flow into three main areas: financial inclusion, sustainable agriculture and renewable energy.

The only problem is, many millennials have not heard of impact investing or do not fully understand what it is. To combat this, Oikocredit is launching its first ever Canada-wide competition that challenges students to breakdown the impact investing field in an engaging and creative way. We want millennials to leverage their tech savvy skills and out of the box thinking to create marketing materials that will educate their peers and the rest of Canada on Oikocredit and what we do. As young marketing leaders we want your innovative ideas on how to increase awareness of Oikocredit, reach potential supporters and get people thinking about how they are investing their money.

The competition is open to post-secondary students all across Canada, and competitors can compete individually or in teams of up to four people. For more information about the competition please check out our competition entry form at Oikocredit Marketing Challenge


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Norris, D. (2015). Millennials: The Newest, Biggest and Most Diverse Target Market. Retrieved February 02, 2018, from


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