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December 2022

Oikocredit International Updates


Q3 2022 quarterly report: Moving in the right direction

Despite continuing market uncertainty, Oikocredit delivered an improving performance in Q3 2022. Our development financing portfolio of credit and equity grew, improved in quality and generated a net income increase. The realisation of final losses incurred by our term investments (bonds) portfolio totalled € 14.8 million, as we completed the portfolio’s sell-off in the quarter. The total realised loss on the term investments is less than we anticipated at the end of Q2.  

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Microfinance addresses the gap: interview with Brij Mohan

Brij Mohan is the former Executive Director of Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) and the founding Chair of ACCESS Development Services.

Dubbed the father of microfinance in India, we spoke to Brij about his passion for the microfinance sector and its impact on the lives of disadvantaged women in India.

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Prioritising impact and maintaining balance: interview with Gwen van Berne

Gwen van Berne joined Oikocredit as Director of Finance & Risk in May 2022. In this interview, she shares a bit about herself, her new role and the cooperative’s latest quarterly financial report.

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Oikocredit North America News and Updates


A veteran working in the field of financial inclusion

Oikocredit Canada Support Association (OCSA) is led by a volunteer board of directors.

Though we know them professionally today, we dig deep and ask them some informal questions to get to know them better and learn more about their passions and hopes for the future.

Know your Director will be an ongoing blog series. 

This month we get to know OCSA director Lindsay Wallace.

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Impact News Roundup

Welcome to the monthly North America Impact News Roundup, where Oikocredit Canada and Oikocredit US track the progress and challenges in building the impact investing industry.

Every quarter, within the newsletter, you will see a section with information from the impact investing industry. 

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Recent growth in responsible investing in Canada give away to demands of vigilant reporting

The responsible investment industry is in the midst of a remarkable evolution, according to new data from the 2022 Canadian Responsible Investment (RI) Trends Report.

This year’s report confirms that RI’s recent momentum is giving way to demand for sophistication and more vigilant reporting, signaling a maturing industry. Over the past two years, the rush into RI claims has been met by forces both external and internal to the financial industry, including the reputational and legal risks associated with greenwashing and lack of clarity around ESG industry terminology and disclosure requirements.

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Canada's TELUS Pollinator Fund, help launch global corporate impact investing initiative

In September, the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN),in collaboration with PayPal, the TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good, and Visa Foundation, launched the GIIN’s corporate impact investing initiative and issued an open invitation to companies to engage and contribute.

The new initiative aims to help corporations better deliver on their environmental and social goals while also achieving shareholder and business objectives by connecting company leaders with a new set of tools and resources. 

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Impact Report 2022

Oikocredit published its Impact Report 2022. In this report you can learn about Oikocredit's social impact - how we measure it, and what this looks like in our focus sectors and regions, our capacity building and more

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