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From Sept 28, 2023 Oikocredit Canada Supporters’ Event. Top Row (left to right): Will Postma, Patrick Stutvoet, Hans van Nie, Karl Braun, Abhishek Bhasin, Heather Keachie, Erik Mathieson, James Waddell, Jack Bolland Middle Row (left to right): Alda Gjoka, Lydia Tomitova, Victor Kim, Amal Attia Seated (left to right): Vaishali Dasani, Ellen Pekilis, Julie Scott, Brigid McQuaid

Embracing the Future: Oikocredit Canada Supporters Unite with for Final Event with Optimism and Gratitude

Oikocredit Canada brought together supporters of Oikocredit International (OI) who share a passion for improving the lives of low-income people for a in-person event to share the impact of Oikocredit Canada so far and also next steps to stay connected with OI after the planned closure of Oikocredit Canada Support Association in 2023.

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Oikocredit Canada

Adam Bah

Oikocredit and Canada: A Celebration of Impact

The Support Association Oikocredit Canada made its first contribution to our global cooperative 40 years ago. Since then, together with the other Canadian members, it has made a marked contribution to the growth and success of Oikocredit. The dedication of the Canadian volunteers to support the cooperative through investments and capacity building has been remarkable. Canadian members have always stood out in the life of the cooperative with a progressive voice for social justice and human dignity.

Read the message from Patrick Stutvoet, Director, Inflow and Business Enablers, & Lydia Tomitova, Director, Investor Relations and Capital Raising

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Hans van Nie

Oikocredit in Canada and its Journey so Far

Oikocredit began as the Ecumenical Development Cooperative Society in 1975. Founded as an initiative of the World Council of Churches, the Oikocredit membership is made up mostly of church bodies which hold investments in Oikocredit International. In Canada these currently include the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund of the Anglican Church, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Presbyterian Church in Canada and the United Church of Canada. These Oikocredit members came onboard in the early 1980’s and will continue to carry the Oikocredit torch in Canada into the future.

Hans van Nie has been active with Oikocredit in Canada for more than 30 years, shares Oikocredit journey so far.

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Lindsay Wallace

From the Board: What Oikocredit achievement provides you with hope and inspiration?

"I am inspired by the hard work of the Oikocredit team in Canada and Internationally. The work of Oikocredit in sustainably providing access to finance, clean energy and agricultural support to people living in rural areas around the world is so important. While its a shame that there is still no retail financial product in Canada that will allow us to invest our funds in these impactful initiatives, I know that one will be developed in the future," said Lindsay Wallace, Board-Director, Oikocredit Canada, 2020-2023.


What Oikocredit achievement provides you with hope and inspiration?

"What inspires me most about Oikocredit is the shared goal of a group of people working together alleviating global poverty by financing sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and micro finance. These are opportunities to enable people while sometimes also helping address sustainability adaptation goals," said Ellen Pekilis, Board-Director, Oikocredit Canada, 2020-2023

Julie Scott

What Oikocredit achievement provides you with hope and inspiration?

"It's on a hopeful note that Oikocredit closes its doors in Canada. True to the ancient Greek word oikos, which refers to the family household, we provided a place in Canada to empower low-income people globally. Through Oikocredit Canada I met pioneers in impact investing who invested in people enabling them to live a life of dignity. Thanks to these Canadians and others Oikocredit International continues to build a just and sustainable world." Julie Scott, Oikocredit Canada Board Director 2018-2023


A fond farewell to Oikocredit in Canada

Oikocredit Canada, the Canadian non-profit, announced the wind down of its operations in Canada effective Dec 23, 2023. This decision by its board of directors marks the end of 40 years of successful operations in Canada. Oikocredit Canada played an active role in impact investing as a Support Association of Oikocredit International, a pioneering social impact investor and worldwide cooperative. As the Canadian market saw growing regulatory costs and an increasing number of impact investing players, Oikocredit’s operations in Canada became unviable. 

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Oikocredit Canada Supporters can Find New Home in Canada at CAFIID

Supporters of Oikocredit Canada can continue to work in Canada on empowering low-income communities in the Global South by joining the Canadian Forum for Impact Investment and Development (CAFIID) which is dedicated to creating positive social and environmental change alongside financial return.

In addition to staying in touch with Oikocredit International (OI) by signing up to the Oikocredit International newsletter, Oikocredit Canada supporters can become members of CAFIID which strengthens Canada’s global impact investing by providing members opportunities to learn, share, collaborate, and act as a collective voice. 

To join CAFIID and for more information email: info@cafiid.ca 


Annual Report 2022

Oikocredit published its Annual Report and financial statements for 2022, reporting on solid financial and social results and other achievements during the year. 

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