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August 2021

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Oikocredit makes interim changes to its Managing Board

Oikocredit will make two interim changes to its Managing Board while the cooperative continues its search for a new Managing Director.                             

Mirjam ‘t Lam, currently Director of Finance & Risk, will be appointed as Oikocredit’s Interim Managing Director, and Wilma Straatman, currently Interim Global HR Manager, will take on the role of Interim Director of People & Change.


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Oikocredit Brazil: Working with communities & coops

Oikocredit’s office in Brazil is one of several country offices the global cooperative has in Latin America and the Caribbean. We recently interviewed our Brazil Country Manager, Nicolas Viedma, to talk about some of the most pressing issues and plans for Oikocredit in the country.

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Oikocredit invests € 1.6 million in Comafruits

Oikocredit’s loan to Comafruits will help to enable the company in purchasing fresh mangos, packaging materials and equipment for processing and exporting mango products. The loan will also help Comafruits expand its smallholder farmer suppliers' network and strengthen its relationships with international buyers.

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What's Happening in North America?


As impact investing goes mainstream, how do investors look out for impact washing?

At this year’s RIA Conference the S (social) in ESG factors to consider when investing, got as much airtime as the E (environmental) and G (governance).

Conference speakers and participants agreed that investors increasingly expect the companies in their portfolios to grow, not just for the sake of growing, but in order to have a positive impact on communities - both people and the planet.

But with the barrage of research and data on the impact of investments, how can investors be sure their investments deliver real world outcomes not impact washing?

Oikocredit Canada Support Association (OCSA) Directors Carla Pellegrini and Julie Scott share their reflections on the answer to this and other questions raised at the RIA Conference.

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Alignment webinar series on Aug 25 at 12pm ET: How Sustainable finance is changing

Webinar Series: Alignment: Using Your Values to Invest in Social Change, features Namrita Kapur from the Yale School of Management. 

Join Oikocredit US CEO Matt Eldridge and COO Sara Shoff as they talk with Namrita about how sustainable finance is changing.

When: Wednesday, August 25, 12pm PT / 3pm ET

Where: Oikocreditus.org/alignment-series/ep3

Listen to last webinar recording 

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Building an Impactful Faith Portfolio

Read the latest guide by Calvert Impact Capital on "Building an Impactful Faith Portfolio: A Foundational Guide to Impact Investing for Faith Institutions." This guide is written for faith institutions and their financial decision makers—chief investment officers, finance staff, investment committee members, and financial professionals – seeking to incorporate impact investments into their portfolios. Calvert Impact Capital highlight the key steps and considerations, which include establishing an Impact Strategy and integrating it into investment policies and due diligence/sourcing questions. The guide includes many resources and examples from fellow faith investors and impact experts.


2020 Annual Report

Have you read the 2020 Oikocredit Annual Report?

Social impact investor and worldwide cooperative Oikocredit recently published its annual results for 2020. While the effects of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic had implications for the cooperative’s income, assets and portfolio, business continuity is secure thanks to the loyalty of its investors.

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