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July 2021

Oikocredit Canada News and Updates


International Cooperatives Day

As a global cooperative founded four decades ago, Oikocredit values the chance to celebrate International Day of Cooperatives each year on the first Saturday of July. This year, we asked Canadian cooperatives to share their work and stories of collaboration to rebuild sustainable communities. Read about the work of Oikocredit Canada and the impact that our Canadian cooperatives are having abroad.

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Vancity Community Investment Bank (VCIB): Rebuilding better together

For non-profits, businesses, and social enterprises, the COVID-19 pandemic has not been easy. Vancity Community Investment Bank (VCIB) worked with Parkdale Neighborhood Land Trust (PNLT), to help them access new affordable housing, and they created new products, like the Unity GIC, to help clients maximize their interest rates without sacrificing their values.

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Kindred Credit Union: Cooperating for change

While everyone has experienced the pandemic differently,  economic challenges, loneliness, and loss have likely touched nearly every person on this earth. As the impact of the pandemic continues to reverberate in our community, Kindred Credit Union is guided by its values and purpose every day. Ben Janzen, Director, Values Integration, Kindred Credit Union shares his thoughts.

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Développement international Desjardins: Helping communities build their resilience

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit our communities and started disrupting our lives, Desjardins Group was the first financial institution in Canada to implement relief and guidance measures for its members and clients. Read an outlook on how Desjardins and DID put their cooperative values to work during the pandemic, in Canada and elsewhere in the world.

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SOCODEVI: Build a better and a more cooperative world

SOCODEVI’s priorities have remained clear since the start of the pandemic: continue to support co-op organizations and member families as well as ensure the health and safety of the people they work with in more than fifteen countries. SOCODEVI reached 500,000 people in the last year alone and helped improve the living conditions of communities by helping to create and strengthen sustainable and inclusive cooperative and mutual enterprises.

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What's Happening in Oikocredit?


Oikocredit is ready for the future

With Oikocredit’s Managing Director, Thos Gieskes, leaving later this year, we wanted to sit down with him to discuss his time at Oikocredit. We also recently held our Annual General Meeting, making this a good time to reflect on what Oikocredit was like when Thos first started, where the cooperative is today, where it’s headed and how the current and new strategy are connected to it all.

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Specialty coffee making an impact

Oikocredit partner Caravela Coffee is driven by two things: promoting delicious specialty coffee and supporting low-income communities in Latin America. The combination of these two elements has resulted in the support of 4,000 smallholder coffee farmers and a tastier market.

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Looking for our new Managing Director

As a social investor and international cooperative with a strong track record, we are seeking an outstanding individual to join us in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, to inspire, lead and demonstrate the same values, drive and vision as our staff, Supervisory Board and members. Read here for more information. 


2020 Annual Report

Have you read the 2020 Oikocredit Annual Report?

Social impact investor and worldwide cooperative Oikocredit recently published its annual results for 2020. While the effects of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic had implications for the cooperative’s income, assets and portfolio, business continuity is secure thanks to the loyalty of its investors.

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