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April 2021

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Annual Report

Oikocredit publishes its Annual Report 2020

Today Oikocredit published its Annual Report 2020. The report offers an in-depth look at Oikocredit’s financial results and shares some of the stories behind the numbers, stories like Carmiña López’s (featured on the cover of the report). Carmiña started her business with one other person – her husband – and now employs 20 people who are currently making masks to protect people from the pandemic.

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Managing Board Change at Oikocredit

Petra Lens, Director of People & Change, has decided to leave Oikocredit for personal reasons to pursue a career change.

Petra will continue in her position until 1 September 2021 to help with the recruitment of a new Managing Director. We’re very grateful to Petra for her flexibility in this regard and for her dedication to Oikocredit.

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Interview: Swift Action Safeguarded Results

Oikocredit published its Annual Report 2020, so we sat down with Mirjam ‘t Lam, Director of Finance & Risk at Oikocredit.

In the interview, Mirjam gives us an overview of the cooperative’s financial results and shares about joining Oikocredit in the midst of the global Covid-19 pandemic

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What's Happening in Canada?


Faith-based investors - at the forefront of responsible investing 45 years ago and where they today

As social impact investing enters the financial mainstream, the role of religious institutions as key drivers of the movement is evolving.  Kevin Thomas, CEO of the Shareholder Association for Research and Education (SHARE) provided insight and guidance at a recent seminar for the Oikocredit Canada Support Association (OCSA) regarding current trends in faith-based investment.

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Key Take-aways from Oikocredit Winter Meeting

Julie Scott shares her reflections on the virtual Oikocredit Winter Meeting on March 12-13, 2021. Read her summary of the projects which will shape Oikocredit’s work through this pandemic period and beyond.


Committing to a Green Economy

The earth is on course for an average temperature increase of 3–4°C by 2100 unless CO2 emissions are reduced. Global warming of this magnitude will result in substantial human migration, regional conflicts over increasingly scarce resources, and extreme weather events, causing devastating physical damages and economic costs.

While the sense of urgency to address global warming is apparent, the question remains, is enough being done in Canada?

Published in Responsible Investment Association (RIA) this article is written by authors  Fate Saghir, Jonas Cuypers, and Baris Ozyetis from Mackenzie Investments

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The Next 10 Years of Impact Investment

Just over 10 years ago, JPMorgan and the Rockefeller Foundation, together with the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), published a report claiming that impact investment was an emerging asset class that would reach between $400 billion and $1 trillion in assets under management by 2020.

In 2020, the market reached roughly $715 billion in assets under management, according to GIIN. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) put the estimate even higher: $2.1 trillion. With such remarkable growth over the last 10 years, we wondered how far impact investment might advance from 2020 to 2030.

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2020 Impact Report


Have you read the 2020 Oikocredit Impact Report?

We would love to hear your feedback about the 2020 Impact Report. Send us an email to let us know what you thought! Haven't read it yet? Click the button below to download the report and find out what what goes into making the report in this interview with our Global Social Performance Specialist.

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