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January 2021

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This testing year has proved Oikocredit’s resilience, our partners’ courage and our investors’ trust

Oikocredit’s Managing Director, Thos Gieskes, reflects on one of the most challenging years in our cooperative’s history and considers what 2021 may bring.

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Virtual Roadshow: Join Oikocredit's James Todd and partner ACE to discuss renewable energy

James Todd, Renewable Energy Investment Officer East Africa at Oikocredit, and Oikocredit RE partner African Clean Energy (ACE) will kick off the 2021 virtual roadshow on February 9 at 10am ET.

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Stichting Oikocredit International Share Foundation ceases its offering in Canada

Stichting Oikocredit International Share Foundation (OISF) has ceased offering depository receipts in Canada. This means that investors in Canada will not be able to make additional investments right now.

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Want to invest? Have your say!

With the winding down of current investment offerings in Canada, we are working hard to identify new ways for our investors and community of supporters to stay involved and support the organization. Whether you've invested with us in the past or not, it's not too late to share your feedback in this 5-minute Investor Engagement survey


Interview: How Oikocredit supports small-scale cocoa producers in West Africa

Cocoa farming is a key source of livelihoods in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria. We interviewed Yves Komaclo, Oikocredit’s Investment Manager for West Africa, to catch up on Oikocredit’s support for the cocoa sector.

Komaclo says, "Oikocredit has achieved success in providing input finance and trade finance to the sector, but we can do more."

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Flowers and meal deliveries: how Indians on low incomes use loans to grow

Vaishadi Rahul Hingmire and Asha Ashok Bhoite are business owners and clients of Indian credit cooperative Annapurna Mahila Coop Credit Society. We look at how the two women have used loans for the benefit of their businesses and the people around them.

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Oikocredit expands its commitment to Mexican SMEs with investment in Aspiria

Oikocredit has acquired a minority stake in Aspiria, an online SME lender in Mexico. With its investment in Aspiria, Oikocredit continues its commitment to support SMEs in Latin America; SMEs play an important role in areas such as job creation.

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What's Happening in Canada?


Responsible Investment Association: Investing for Racial Inclusion

The Responsible Investment Association (RIA) notes that "racial injustice extends far beyond violence and law enforcement. Nonviolent forms of racial discrimination and inequity are present in many aspects of society, including the companies in which we invest." Read more in the RIA article below about new market developments working towards a more equitable society.

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Localize or Perish: What You Need to Know about Localization

"Despite the overwhelming policy relevance within the global governance parameters, localization as a process of shifting power dynamics from global to local actors and partners, remains largely elusive." Cooperation Canada calls for "localization" and increased decision-making by the Global South, especially given the impacts of COVID-19. 

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2020 Impact Report


Have you read the 2020 Oikocredit Impact Report?

We would love to hear your feedback about the 2020 Impact Report. Send us an email to let us know what you thought! Haven't read it yet? Click the button below to download the report and find out what what goes into making the report in this interview with our Global Social Performance Specialist.

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