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September 2020

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Oikocredit Impact Report 2020


The cover of the 2020 Impact Report shows Vaishadi Rahul Hingmire. Thanks to loans from Annapurna Mahila Coop Credit Society Ltd (AMCCSL) – whose field officers are all women – Vaishadi sells flowers from a small shop with a street stall.

Together with her son and others, she strings the flowers together to make garlands for shops and temples. The income from selling flower garlands has made it possible for Vaishadi to pay for her children’s education.

Vaishadi’s story is an example of how our partners promote the economic and social independence of women.

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Impact Report Highlights:

Our latest report showcases our social impact data from across all Oikocredit’s activities. Here are some highlights:

  • Our financial inclusion partner organizations reached 38.2 million clients and 1.1 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs);
  • 86% of clients reached by our financial inclusion partners were women, and 63% were in rural areas;
  • Agriculture partners reached more than 557,000 farmers;
  • Renewable energy partners provided 52,000 households with access to clean energy; and
  • We spent € 0.7 million on capacity building.

Behind the Impact Report 2020

Kawien Ziedses des Plantes, Global Social Performance Specialist at Oikocredit, explains why and how we measure our impact, why we focus on women and how we want to improve. After 45 years, we still see Oikocredit’s sharp focus on end-clients and its determined drive for continuous improvement.

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Oikocredit and the Sustainable Development Goals

September 18-26 is Global Goals Week, an annual week of action, awareness, and accountability for the Sustainable Development Goals. Learn how you can take action through Act4SDGs.

Oikocredit actively contributes to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In particular, we contribute towards SDG 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 10, and 17. We evidence our contribution to these goals with over 50 indicators. These indicators are closely aligned with standard impact investing indicators included in the Global Impact Investing Network’s (GIIN’s) IRIS+ measurement system.


SDG Sample Indicators

Here is a glimpse of some of the data that we're tracking:

SDG 1: No Poverty: 21 million of the over 38 million people Oikocredit reaches through its financial inclusion partners have a savings account

SDG #2 - Zero Hunger: 557,000 farmers are reached by our agriculture partners 

SDG #5 - Gender equality: 77% of our agriculture partners have gender equality as a goal 

SDG #7 - Affordable and clean energy: 15,000 households have improved access to clean cooking technology thanks to Oikocredit’s partners 

SDG #17 - Partnerships for the goals: 75 partners and potential partners have received capacity building from us

More SDG indicators on page 12 >

Covid-19: a driving force for digital financial inclusion

In this blog, Vincent van Dugteren, Global Financial Inclusion Sector Specialist shares the trends behind the drive to digital finance, the role of Covid-19 in accelerating the transformation, and survey results from Oikocredit's international partners. It also includes videos from partners Optima, a financier of small to medium enterprises in El Salvador; Pro Mujer, focused on women-owned enterprises in Argentina; and Casa do Micro Crédito and Banco da Familia, MFIs in Brazil.

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Web Event: Oikocredit’s impact, today and beyond Covid-19

Join our global community as we discuss the impact report including case studies from end-clients/partners, and share how we support partners through training sessions, the solidarity fund, and best practice exchange. Speakers will include Thos Gieskes, Managing Director, Kawien Ziedses des Plantes, Global Social Performance Specialist and Andrea Domínguez, Global Capacity Building Specialist.

When: Thursday 8 October 2020 from 5pm to 6pm CEST; 11am EST/Toronto; 8am PST/Vancouver.

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Celebrating Oikocredit's 45 years with our Canadian network

"I believe that it [Oikocredit] is well run, and does good work around the world. I am especially pleased about the local staff, and the way Oikocredit tries to reach hard to reach clients (directly or indirectly through MFIs)."

-Penny, British Columbia.
Oikocredit Supporter for over 11 years

As we celebrate 45 years, we’d like to hear from you, our readers and mobilizers. Fill out this short form to tell us what motivated you to join this network and share your Oikocredit story. 

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