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March 2022

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Empowering low-income women is at the center of Oikocredit’s mission

To mark International Women’s Day 2022, we asked Marilou Pantua-Juanito, Oikocredit’s Capacity Building & Social Performance Coordinator in Southeast Asia, about working with Oikocredit for women’s empowerment.

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Journey of the heart: The impact of seedlings for years to come

Oikocredit’s Social Performance and Capacity Building Officer for Eastern Africa, Elikanah Ng'ang'a, takes us on a journey from his home in Kenya to Rwanda and reports on Oikocredit’s Rwanda Tea Seedlings Project.

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Cool concepts for rural energy

Solar cold storage is just one of the products that Oikocredit's new Indian partner, Ecozen Solutions, uses to improve agriculture.

Kiran Kodi, Renewable Energy Manager at Maanaveeya, Oikocredit's Indian subsidiary, and Vivek Pandey, co-founder of Ecozen, explain that the aim of their partnership is to ensure that farmers and entire value chains also benefit from innovative renewable energy solutions.

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What's Happening in North America?


Webinar: Women in Cooperatives

This year on March 7,  The Social Economy through Social Inclusion (SETSI), Oikocredit Canada and Oikocredit US organized a webinar to celebrate International Women’s Day and discuss “Women in Cooperatives.”

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The risk of not talking to clients about ESG is losing them, RI expert says

Sustainable investing has become one of the fastest-growing investment themes in recent years as more people are paying closer attention to companies’ environmental, social, governance (ESG) performance.

Read the article at Globe and Mail, it explains the rise in RI and how advisors can engage clients in this space.


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“Knowing Your Client” means knowing their perspective on ESG

The recently published Guidance Note encourages financial advisors to collect information from their clients about their investment objectives relating to environmental, social and governance criteria or the client’s other personal values.

This means that while gathering information about their client’s immediate and long term investment goals, like planning for retirement or the purchase of a home, advisors will also learn their clients personal preferences in regard to ESG factors in their investments. 

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Have you read the Impact Report?

Oikocredit published its Impact Report 2021. In this report you can learn all about Oikocredit’s social impact: how we measure it, what this looks like in our focus sectors and regions, our capacity building support and more.

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