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August 2020

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Celebrating Oikocredit's 45 years with our Canadian network

At the heart of Oikocredit are the people who make it possible. Dedicated networks of professionals, investors, volunteers and member organizations are key to Oikocredit's success. As we celebrate 45 years, we’d like to hear from you, our readers and mobilizers. Fill out this short form to tell us what motivated you to join this network and share your Oikocredit story


Q2 quarterly report: Responding with resilience

Every quarter Oikocredit publishes key facts and figures about its operations. Here we provide our investors and others with additional context on developments during the second quarter of 2020, including granting payment holidays and stepping up our partner communications to better understand how partners are affected by the pandemic and how we can continue providing appropriate assistance.

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Group lending: Cristiane and Helena show how it works

A woman finds herself in crisis and is supported by another making a success of her business. In this story of solidarity amongst women you can discover how group lending works, and through our Brazilian partner BPCS, how Oikocredit serves hard to reach people.

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Investing, Covid-19 and Oikocredit

How does Covid-19 impact on our investment operations?

In this interview, Bart van Eyk, Oikocredit’s Director of Investments shares his assessment of how the pandemic has impacted Oikocredit and its partners and takes a look at what the future might look like.

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How does Covid-19 affect our social performance and innovation work?

In this interview, Ging Ledesma, Oikocredit’s Director of Social Performance Innovation shares how Oikocredit maintains its social impact during the pandemic while addressing concerns of liquidity, staff welfare, and safety.

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Elikanah Ng'ang'a, Social Performance & Capacity Building Officer - Oikocredit Africa

Part 2 of 2 - "The Water Man"

In our July newsletter we shared Part 1 of “the Water Man” by Elikanah Ng'ang'a, Social Performance & Capacity Building Officer at Oikocredit Africa. In this second part of his blog, Elikanah shares examples of what our partners are doing to reduce the impact of Covid-19 on their end-clients. For example, Karongi Tea Factory in Rwanda (cover image) is distributing free mobile phones to distribute digital payments for smallholder farmers. 

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Oikocredit Canada is a proud member of RIA, the Canadian organization that promotes the incorporation of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions. The article below appeared in RIA's magazine, published July 29, 2020.

ESG and COVID-19: Four Market Trends

"The pandemic is having myriad impacts on markets, including the market for responsible investments (RI) that incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors" writes Dustyn Lanz, Chief Executive Officer of the Responsible Investment Association (RIA). Here are four market trends they say to watch for:

  1. ‘S’ is moving to the forefront
  2. ESG is delivering alpha
  3. Assets are still flowing into ESG funds
  4. Impact investment opportunities are on the rise
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