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June 2019

Challenge, Change, and Growth

In response to growing economic and competitive challenges, Oikocredit remains dedicated to its simplified strategic focus on financial inclusion, agriculture, and renewable energy.
And the result in 2018? Growth.
Read more about Oikocredit International’s 2018 results, as well as what we’ve been up to more locally in Canada: supporting gender equity, experiencing kindred support from some of our financing partners here in Canada, a call to action to reduce plastic waste, and more.


Oikocredit in Canada

Women Deliver 2019

Women Deliver 2019, the world's largest conference on gender equality, and the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women took place in Vancouver, Canada this June.

In Vancouver we teamed up with Oikocredit International and Oikocredit US to support our partner Pro Mujer's event on Gender-Smart Investing in Latin America. We had the opportunity to participate in Toronto by hosting a satellite event with the Ontario Council for International Cooperation (OCIC) and Cuso International. We heard stories of maternal and neonatal health work in Africa, proving that investing in women has a real impact not only on women, but on entire commumities. We also live-streamed from the conference, The Power of Money: Driving equitable economic growth by investing in women.

Women Deliver satellite event Toronto

What did we learn?

Well... there was a lot! But a major takeaway from the discussions at the Women Deliver events was that we alone cannot change the way the world operates. To really understand the challenges and opportunities that we are facing, knowledge sharing is more important now than ever before. To that end, we invite you to send us your ideas and opinions on how Oikocredit can work with your organization, your community and your networks, so that we can learn, improve and grow together. 

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"Capital has the power to create positive change" [interview]

We had a chance to talk with Paula Martin, Advisor to the CEO at Vancity, and a Senior Advisor to the GABV about the recent GABV Summit Vancity hosted in Vancouver, Canada.

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CAFIID Knowledge Exchange Series on Innovative Finance

Oikocredit Canada is pleased to support the Canadian Forum for Impact Investing and Development (CAFIID) with a series of workshops on new models of investment and financing in emerging markets.

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Karl Braun, Oikocredit Canada Board of Directors

Kindred Credit Union offers a unique AGM experience

What made this AGM stand out from that of other financial institutions, was the focus on the Credit Union’s values that include mutual aid initiatives, community support, international development, peace, and justice.

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Mias sorts waste in Indonesia

Plastic pollution: A call to action [blog]

There was found to be over a trillion plastic microfibers in Lake Ontario and, in certain fish that were tested, over 100 plastic microfibers were found in their digestive systems. Alarmingly, recent studies conclude that there are even microplastics found in our drinking water.

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Get Involved with Us!

Development Education and Public Engagement

We are working to educate Canadians about investment, development, and Oikocredit's work around the world. At the heart of Oikocredit are the people who make it possible. Dedicated networks of professionals, volunteers and member organizations are key to Oikocredit's success. Please contact us if you're interested in being part of our network by having Oikocredit at your next event as a co-host, speaker, tabelling a booth, sponsor or any other ideas you may have. 


International News

Oikocredit 2018 Annual Report

Annual report and updated strategy

Oikocredit’s annual report 2018 is now live. The annual report includes reports from our managing and supervisory boards, along with our financial statements for 2018. The report also provides an update on how we are tackling challenges by implementing our 2022 strategy.

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Laura Pool, Oikocredit’s Director of Finance & Risk

It’s more than just finance [interview]

Oikocredit just published its financial results for 2018. For a deeper look at the results and insights on how the cooperative is working towards improving its future results, we interviewed Oikocredit’s Director of Finance & Risk, Laura Pool. In the interview Laura also explains why providing expertise and using the right financial instruments can make all the difference.

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Dalinda Castillo, President of the Women’s Committee of the Aprocassi cooperative

How do coffee cooperatives support smallholder coffee farmers in Peru?

Two billion cups of coffee served every day. 200 billion US dollars in sales every year. So why are some farmers happy when none of their children wish to follow them into the coffee-growing business?

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Ka Oting Villanueva (in the middle of the photo) during his FALS training programme

Bridging the Gender Gap…. At Home

Not so long ago, Ka Oting Villanueva, like many men in the central Philippines province of Negros Occidental, regarded a husband’s role as simply that of a provider. “He never used to help me with any of the household chores,” says his wife. “In fact, I don’t think it ever crossed his mind!”

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Oikocredit and MOCA join forces to strengthen cocoa cooperatives in Côte d’Ivoire

The collaboration aims to boost cooperatives’ entrepreneurial approach to cocoa farming through providing capacity building and access to appropriate financial services.

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Oikocredit invests in Mexican fintech Ku-Bo Financiero to boost access to affordable finance

In Mexico there are around 55.3 million Mexicans or 46.2% of the population below the poverty line with the second-lowest financial inclusion ratios in Latin America.

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