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March 2021

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Christina (Nina) Alff

‘I’m not frightened anymore’: supporting women’s empowerment

In honour of International Women’s Day, we had Christina (Nina) Alff, from Oikocredit Support Association Baden-Württemberg, share her thoughts on “women’s empowerment” in this blog. Nina spends a lot of her time and expertise raising awareness on gender equality and shares about how this topic relates to Oikocredit’s work.

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Change to Oikocredit’s Managing Board

Thos Gieskes, Managing Director, will be leaving Oikocredit, having announced that he will explore new opportunities. Thos will continue to work for the cooperative until        1 October. 

Thos joined Oikocredit as Managing Director in April 2017. Under his leadership Oikocredit has become a stronger and more resilient organisation.

Together with the Managing Board (MB), Thos led the development and implementation of the 2018-2022 strategy which reaffirmed the company’s focus on social impact and improved its financial position.

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Dreaming of coffee trees - our work with Chajul

Coffee farmer Domingo Medina Zacharias dreams of planting new coffee trees, those resistant to diseases like coffee rust. But it is not that easy. His plot of 0.8 hectares offers little space for new trees.

Even if he could afford to buy new coffee trees with the support of Chajul, of which he has been a member since he was 30 years old, he would have to remove the old trees and wait three years for the first harvest after planting the new ones.

Read how Chajul cooperative is helping him and other 1300 coffee farmers. 

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What's Happening in Canada?


We're hiring!

Oikocredit Canada is seeking a seasoned social finance professional to lead the feasibility study that will define an investment product for OCSA to attract new investment capital. 


International Women’s Day: Let us empower and celebrate the wins!

This International Women’s Day, let us not only celebrate the big wins for women in leadership such as Kamala Harris, VP, USANgozi Okonjo-Iweala, DG, World Trade OrganizationKaja Kallas, PM, Estonia to name a few, but also all the other wins for women across the globe from health care workers, caregivers and innovators to farmers, community organizers and others. 

Oikocredit Canada, in collaboration with Oikocredit US, is pleased to present an interview with Yolirruth Nuñez, Senior Social Performance and Capacity Building Officer at Oikocredit Peru.

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Economic Inclusion - A Microsavings Initiative

In 2020, Alterna Savings discovered that many of their entrepreneurs did not have adequate emergency savings to support their lost revenue due to the pandemic’s disruption. In response, they developed the Microsavings Initiative, a program that builds financial resilience. 

Through the Microsavings Initiative, they calculate a portion of savings as part of our debt-service assessment. This savings is automatically saved in high-interest savings account for the borrower for the duration of the loan and can be accessed in case of emergency. For Alterna Savings, this initiative takes Microfinancing program beyond providing access to capital and transforms it into a working mechanism to establish long-term, sustainable financial habits. 
Contributed by:
Alia Abaya Director Community Impact & Member Experience, Alterna Savings Credit Union



Canadian investors talk transition to a net zero carbon economy

If a transition to a net-zero carbon economy was not top of mind for Canadian investors before the February power outage in Texas,  it appears to be now. Speakers at the Responsible Investment Association’s (RIA) February 25 ESG Symposium repeated a common theme: all investors and all portfolio companies have to get started leveraging investment dollars to reduce Canada’s carbon footprint; the cost of inaction is too high. 

Oikocredit Canada Board members Julie Scott and Ellen Pekilis discuss why the message of this Symposium matters to impact investors. 

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2020 Impact Report


Have you read the 2020 Oikocredit Impact Report?

We would love to hear your feedback about the 2020 Impact Report. Send us an email to let us know what you thought! Haven't read it yet? Click the button below to download the report and find out what what goes into making the report in this interview with our Global Social Performance Specialist.

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