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  1. Looking Ahead to Another Dynamic Year

    January 18, 2022 - by Karl Braun - 0 comments

    At the start of this new year, we look back to recognize and appreciate the people, progress, and lessons learned from 2021 and move forward with renewed vigour into the year ahead. Read the post by Karl Braun, Chair, Oikocredit Canadian Support Association (OCSA) where he reflects on our work from past and way forward for the year 2022.

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  2. OCSA Embarks On A Year of Challenge and Opportunity

    February 16, 2021 - by Karl Braun - 0 comments

    Karl Braun, Chair of Oikocredit Canada, reflects on the challenges faced in 2020 and outlines the opportunities and strategy for 2021.

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  3. IDW 2021: Oikocredit remains focused on sustainable finance and capacity building

    February 10, 2021 - by Karl Braun - 0 comments

    International Development Week (IDW) serves as a reminder to acknowledge the impact and successes of organizations and individuals working to help people and communities facing poverty in low-income countries. Following on the IDW theme of “Go for the Goals”, Oikocredit aims to move forward in collaborative and positive ways towards reducing poverty and building a better world through sustainable finance and capacity building

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  4. Kindred Credit Union offers a unique AGM experience

    April 22, 2019 - by Karl Braun - 0 comments


    Waterloo – Kindred Credit Union held their 55th Annual General Meeting on April 9th at Creekside Church in Waterloo

    Under the theme “Living our Purpose”, Credit Union members and guests learned about a strong year of earnings and growth, a new share offering, and welcomed their new CEO, Ian Thomas.  

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