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Why Support Associations?

Oikocredit Canada’s Support Associations are groups of volunteers whose members are engaged in promoting Oikocredit’s mission. Volunteer associations are part of a long-standing tradition in Oikocredit’s work. In addition to being active volunteers for Oikocredit, Support Associations are members of the Oikocredit International co-operative.

Oikocredit has two Support Associations in Canada – Oikocredit Canada and Oikocredit Canada Atlantic. Click on the regions to learn more about how you can get involved in your local Support Association.


Engaging Canadians

Investing in People

Engaging Canadians to reframe the conversation about international development

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Social performance: "Choosing a partner is just the beginning"

Ging.jpg08/11 The desire to achieve a positive social impact is the reason why people invest in Oikocredit. How does this goal become reality? We spoke to Oikocredit’s social performance team, Ging Ledesma, Kawien Ziedses des Plantes and Yolirruth Nuñez, about capacity building, trust, monitoring, the cooperative’s DNA and its successes. full story


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