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Why Support Associations?

Oikocredit Canada’s Support Associations are groups of volunteers whose members are engaged in promoting Oikocredit’s mission. Volunteer associations are part of a long-standing tradition in Oikocredit’s work. In addition to being active volunteers for Oikocredit, Support Associations are members of the Oikocredit International co-operative.

Oikocredit has two Support Associations in Canada – Oikocredit Canada and Oikocredit Canada Atlantic. Click on the regions to learn more about how you can get involved in your local Support Association.


Oikocredit revised its dividend proposal for 2019 from 1% to 0%.

Oikocredit revised its dividend proposal for 2019 from 1% to 0%.

May 06 | 2020

Social impact investor and worldwide cooperative Oikocredit has revised its dividend proposal for 2019 from 1% to 0%.

The proposal will be made to the cooperative’s members at the annual general meeting (AGM) in June 2020. The members have the final decision on the dividend.

The full effects of the coronavirus pandemic on Oikocredit’s business and financial position are not yet clear, but the cooperative no longer expects to reach its growth and financial return targets for 2020.

Given the ongoing nature of the coronavirus crisis, Oikocredit’s Managing Board believes paying no dividend to members for 2019 would protect its members’ capital and allow the cooperative to continue to support its partners, and in turn, the low-income people hit hardest by the crises.

Thos Gieskes, Managing Director of Oikocredit, said: “Revising our dividend proposal is part of Oikocredit’s proactive response to the unprecedented situation the coronavirus has created for all of us.

“Given the increased economic uncertainty our partners are facing, and therefore Oikocredit is also facing, we believe it prudent to strengthen our reserves and be as prepared as possible for any adverse developments.

“With a strong 2019 behind us, and with the firm backing we continue to receive from our investors, I’m confident Oikocredit will keep delivering on its mission through this troubled period. And that continuity is paramount, especially at a time when our partners and the low-income people they serve need our support most.”

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