Global social impact investor, Oikocredit Canada announces new appointments to board of directors

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Global social impact investor, Oikocredit Canada announces new appointments to board of directors

June 14, 2021 at 9:51 PM - by Julie Scott - 0 comments

New Board members bring expertise in international development, impact investment, partnerships, governance, risk management, marketing and international business diplomacy

Oikocredit Canada, today announced the appointment of Sophie Kafuti, a former CitiGroup Congo executive; Karen Tsang, Director, Global Enterprise and Operational Risk Management at Manulifle; and Omar Allam, chief executive of global trade consultancy Allam Advisory Group, to the organization’s Board of Directors.

“We feel honored to welcome these directors to Oikocredit’s Board and proud that their appointments creates a majority women led Board in Canada,” said Karl Braun, Oikocredit Canada Board Chair.  “Sophie, Karen and Omar each bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise that complement and enhance our current Board. Their established track records is a huge asset to Oikocredit Canada as we strive to build our brand and expand our retail investment and capacity building product lines in Canada and developing nations.” 

The new board members will replace Margie Parikh, Michelle Peterson, and Abhishek Bhasin who successfully concluded their service to the board. Julie Scott, Board, Vice-Chair, Oikocredit Canada, said, “I am thankful to them for their insights and commitment for the past many years. Their dedication and collaborative approach have helped to enhance Oikocredit Canada’s work.”


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