Capacity Building

Oikocredit’s mission – to improve the quality of life of people with a low income – is directly linked to the work of our partners. Where our partners have the potential to further improve performance, they can increase their social impact.

The capacity building that Oikocredit provides helps our partners acquire new knowledge, skills, technology and access to markets. It strengthens their capacity for governance and management, both in financial and social performance.

The standards we use to help strengthen our partners’ social performance include the Client Protection Principles (CPP), the Social Performance Task Force’s Universal Standards on Social Performance Management (USSPM), and the Consumer Protection Code created by Gogla, the global association for the off-grid solar energy industry.

By helping our partners enhance their performance, Oikocredit supports them to achieve their growth and sustainability goals, and their social mission.

Program themes

Oikocredit’s capacity building programme is focused on five themes:

    • Financial inclusion: promoting ethical, responsible access to finance in a digitising world
    • Financial inclusion: helping financial institutions support SMEs to create sustainable jobs
    • Agriculture: supporting sustainable agriculture for smallholder farmers
    • Renewable energy: improving household access to clean energy
    • Social performance management: embedding and advancing social performance management, including use of the CPP and USSPM

Support for capacity building

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