Caravela and Oikocredit: working together for sustainable and inclusive coffee

CARA-UK-093 (1).jpgMay 21 | 2024 Caravela is emerging as a beacon of innovation and progress in the coffee industry. In partnership with Oikocredit, the organisation is committed to education, gender equality and sustainability, shaping a better future for farming communities in Colombia and Ecuador. full story

Leadership change for Strategy & Sustainable Impact team

Ging_1592_webversion.jpgMay 15 | 2024 The leadership of Oikocredit’s Strategy & Sustainable Impact team is transitioning. Effective 1 June 2024, Ging Ledesma will transition from her role as Director of Strategy & Sustainable Impact ... full story

Oikocredit’s € 5 million loan to Ocean SA boosts cocoa and cashew value chains in Côte d'Ivoire

logo Cocoasource.jpgMay 08 | 2024 Renewed investment increases support for sustainable agriculture and for 12,000 Ivorian smallholder cocoa and cashew farmers. full story

Non-EU bank fees and minor adjustments: Oikocredit modifies Participation Terms

May 02 | 2024 Oikocredit is modifying the terms and conditions that govern investments made in the cooperative by purchasing and holding participations. The changes will come into effect on 1 June 2024. The updated terms apply to existing participations as well as issuance requests for participations submitted in May 2024. full story

New Oikocredit partnership with cooperative Atuntaqui provides uplift for microfinance and affordable housing in Ecuador

Atuntaqui logo.jpgApril 26 | 2024 Four-year US$ 8 million in credit will support expansion of microcredit and housing loans for thousands of cooperative members. full story

Oikocredit to Enhance Impact in Southeast Asia with Strategic Operational Shifts

KOM-ID-51 (1).jpgApril 24 | 2024 As part of our commitment to driving sustainable development, Oikocredit is strategically realigning its operations to deepen its impact in Southeast Asia. The focus is on being closer to our partners in Cambodia and Indonesia and exploring expansion into an additional market country within the region. full story

Oikocredit € 4 million loan to TAN Mondial will benefit Côte d’Ivoire cocoa and cashew cooperatives

NORAN-PE-09.jpgApril 22 | 2024 Investment will support the work of almost 3,000 smallholder farmers in Côte d’Ivoire. full story

Oikocredit Co-Leads a US$ 39 Million Investment in Altum Credo to Promote Affordable Housing Finance

Altum-Trademark.jpgApril 18 | 2024 Oikocredit alongside Z3 Partners and with the participation of British International Investment has led a US$ 39 million equity investment in Altum Credo to bolster affordable housing finance in India. full story

Results for 2023: Oikocredit ambitious to achieve more

CARA-UK-077 (1).jpgApril 10 | 2024 Oikocredit has published its Annual Report and financial statements for 2023 – a year of successful transitions, portfolio growth, social impact and a positive financial result. full story

Oikocredit invests US$ 5 million in Ghana’s Zeepay to improve financial inclusion for migrant workers

logoZeepay.pngApril 09 | 2024 New equity financing agreement aims to help African fintech expand operations to 10 countries within the next two years. full story

Q4 2023 quarterly report: Portfolio growth and other key achievements

CARA-UK-077 (1).jpgApril 09 | 2024 Four times a year Oikocredit publishes key facts and figures on the previous quarter. Here we provide our investors and others with additional background context on developments during the fourth quarter of 2023. full story

Oikocredit supports GABV’s Statement of Peace

8D9F0C1F-D90F-4A58-87A2-D0B68F7E9D78.JPEGApril 03 | 2024 In line with its ecumenical roots, Oikocredit remains committed to supporting a just and peaceful world where resources are shared sustainably and all people are empowered with the choices they need to create a life of dignity. full story

Oikocredit's new partnership with Patagonian Fruits supports Argentina’s fruit sector and builds climate resilience

Patagonian logo.jpgMarch 31 | 2024 Social impact investor Oikocredit is providing € 6 million in long-term financing to Patagonian Fruits in Argentina to support fruit purchases from farmers, boost production, invest in protective ... full story

Oikocredit and GAWA Capital provide equity finance for new generation microfinance company Sindhuja Microcredit

Logo Sindhuja.jpgMarch 28 | 2024 Oikocredit’s new equity investment deepens collaboration with Indian fintech partner to serve financially excluded rural people and enterprises. Worldwide cooperative and social impact investor ... full story

Oikocredit renews support to Leasafric Ghana with funding of GHS 10 million

LEASAFRIC logoMarch 25 | 2024 Oikocredit’s new term loan will boost Leasafric’s work with farmers in northern Ghana and its support for ride-hailing enterprise partners. Worldwide cooperative and social impact investor has ... full story

Empowering women creates an equitable and just world

Fin’ElleMarch 21 | 2024 Women are at the heart of our communities, yet they continue to face a broad range of economic and social barriers. They have fewer opportunities for economic participation than men, lower access ... full story

Strong common ground and commitment to further steps in NCP dialogue relating to microfinance loans in Cambodia

March 19 | 2024 On 13-15 March 2024, representatives of social impact investor Oikocredit, Ecumenical Development Cooperative Society U.A. and of three human rights NGOs, Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights (LICADHO), Equitable Cambodia and FIAN Germany, came together for a dialogue. This was part of the process related to the submission made by the three NGOs to the Dutch OECD National Contact Point for Responsible Business Conduct concerning the alleged negative impacts of some microfinance loans on Cambodian borrowers. full story

Oikocredit publishes latest Client Self-Perception Survey report after listening to more than 40,966 clients

EDV-ID-09.jpgMarch 11 | 2024 Digital collaboration with 34 partner organisations reveals changes end-clients have experienced over past 12 months. full story

Bridging the micro credit gap for Costa Rica’s women entrepreneurs

GRAM-CR-008.jpgMarch 08 | 2024 On International Women’s Day, we profile the work of Asociación Grameen Costa Rica, an Oikocredit partner that is helping bridge the gender credit gap. full story

🌐 Oikocredit Live: Unlocking Social Equity Through Financial Inclusion

IMG_8499.JPGFebruary 29 | 2024 An online event on 14 March 2024, 18-19:15 CET.
Join us for an insightful event delving into financial inclusion as a tool for fostering greater social equity. In this online session, we'll explore a holistic approach to financial inclusion, addressing gender issues, the importance of capacity building, and the remarkable work of our partner, Mujeres en Desarrollo Dominicana (Mude), in the Dominican Republic. full story

Oikocredit leads US$ 10 million equity-and-debt seed funding for Mexican fintech YoFio

YoFio logoFebruary 26 | 2024 New investment in YoFio’s digital financial services platform will support growth of inclusive finance in Mexico. full story

What are the benefits of listening to impact investment clients?

ECS imageFebruary 07 | 2024 In anticipation of Oikocredit’s annual Client Self-Perception Survey Programme report, a look at how the initiative enables partners to improve services in response to changes in clients’ lives. full story

What can you learn from our new Ethics & Euros podcast?

1706796158691.jpgFebruary 06 | 2024 Changing one woman’s life improves outcomes for her entire community, Finca Peru’s Iris Lanao tells Ethics & Euros podcast host Karen Zwissler. Tune in to find out more. full story

Oikocredit’s € 2.1 million loan to Sofipa to benefit women in rural Mexico

Logo Sofipa.jpgJanuary 30 | 2024 New partnership agreement serves micro business in Oaxaca and Guerrero; supports women in underdeveloped rural locations. full story

Blog: The leapfrogging elephant : What India’s digital revolution means for Oikocredit and its partners

Picture3 study tour.jpgJanuary 24 | 2024 India’s three-part strategy to grow financial and social inclusion enables microfinance institutions to serve clients quicker, with less risks. It’s digital transformation in action, says Ulrike Haug. full story

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