What are the benefits of listening to impact investment clients?

ECS imageFebruary 07 | 2024 In anticipation of Oikocredit’s annual Client Self-Perception Survey Programme report, a look at how the initiative enables partners to improve services in response to changes in clients’ lives. full story

What can you learn from our new Ethics & Euros podcast?

1706796158691.jpgFebruary 06 | 2024 Changing one woman’s life improves outcomes for her entire community, Finca Peru’s Iris Lanao tells Ethics & Euros podcast host Karen Zwissler. Tune in to find out more. full story

Oikocredit’s € 2.1 million loan to Sofipa to benefit women in rural Mexico

Logo Sofipa.jpgJanuary 30 | 2024 New partnership agreement serves micro business in Oaxaca and Guerrero; supports women in underdeveloped rural locations. full story

Blog: The leapfrogging elephant : What India’s digital revolution means for Oikocredit and its partners

Picture3 study tour.jpgJanuary 24 | 2024 India’s three-part strategy to grow financial and social inclusion enables microfinance institutions to serve clients quicker, with less risks. It’s digital transformation in action, says Ulrike Haug. full story

US$ 5 million to improve livelihoods and food security in Kenya

_H8A2804.jpgJanuary 09 | 2024 New Oikocredit loan will enable Juhudi Kilimo to offer affordable and accessible financing to customers in rural and periurban areas full story

How our cooperative navigated change in 2023 gives me confidence for 2024

Mirjam 't Lam.jpgJanuary 02 | 2024 A New Year’s message from Oikocredit Managing Director Mirjam ‘t Lam full story

Oikocredit’s Top 5: our most-read stories of the year

thought-catalog-mmWqrsjZ4Lw-unsplash.jpgDecember 22 | 2023 As 2023 draws to a close, we look at the top stories that have attracted the most reader interest. full story

Dutch government pledges € 8 million for data-driven agricultural support in emerging economies

AgriGRADE1December 19 | 2023 Funding for AgriGRADE concept, developed by Oikocredit and others, aims to make cooperatives and agricultural organisations more attractive to farmers and investors. full story

Fostering job creation at SMEs in Baja California

PROCAP logo.jpgDecember 18 | 2023 Oikocredit is providing Mexican social enterprise Procap with a loan of
€ 1.07 million so small and medium enterprises can have access to funds full story

Oikocredit supports Ugandan SMEs with funding of € 7.5 million

logo Brac.pngDecember 14 | 2023 New partnership with Brac Uganda Bank Ltd will help trade, agriculture and transport sectors across the African nation full story

Oikocredit Live: The Evolution and Impact of Microfinance

PROMU-ARG-49.jpgDecember 12 | 2023 Exploring the transformative potential of inclusive finance, last month’s Oikocredit Live event brought together experts to shine light on microfinance’s nuances and its far-reaching impact. full story

How Oikocredit partner Weziza is improving access to electricity in Benin

benin-weziza-oiko-lissac11.jpgDecember 07 | 2023 Status check: Two and a half years after Oikocredit invested in the off-grid enterprise Weziza, we look at how better access to electricity is supporting economic development in West Africa. New mini-grids have created a positive impact for more than 2,500 households and 15,000 people. full story

Oikocredit Canada to Wind Down Operations

November 29 | 2023 Oikocredit Canada, a Canadian non-profit organisation, announced today the wind down of its operations in Canada. This decision by its board of directors marks the end of 30 years of successful operations in Canada, effective Dec 31,2023. Oikocredit Canada has played an active role in the impact investing space as a Support Association of Oikocredit International, a pioneering social impact investor and worldwide cooperative. full story

Q3 2023 quarterly report: Creating more impact despite headwinds

MBK-ID-44 (5).jpgNovember 28 | 2023 Four times a year Oikocredit publishes key facts and figures on the previous quarter. Here we provide our investors and others with additional background context on developments during the third quarter of 2023. full story

Oikocredit invests € 7.5 million in Vista Bank Burkina to support SMEs and educational finance in Africa

logo.gifNovember 22 | 2023 Oikocredit is providing a loan of € 7.5 million to support the growth initiatives of Vista Bank Burkina in Burkina Faso. This substantial investment is strategically aimed at fortifying financial ... full story

Oikocredit Live: How Inclusive Finance Works

PROMU-ARG-49-c-Opmeer Reports.jpgNovember 20 | 2023 An online event on 23 November 2023 full story

Oikocredit and Aqua for All partnerships to boost community water and sanitation provision in East Africa

waterNovember 16 | 2023 Joint support for inclusive finance institutions will accelerate low-income Kenyans’ and Ugandans’ access to safe water and sanitation services. full story

Oikocredit, Goodwell Investments and Global Partnerships invest in Good Nature Agro to support southern African smallholder farmers

Good Nature.jpgNovember 08 | 2023 Investors commit a combined total of US$ 8.5 million to expand Good Nature Agro’s social impact. full story

Oikocredit invests US$ 2 million in RDG Collective to support solar energy growth in Africa

logo RDG.jpgNovember 06 | 2023 RDG Collective will use the loan to provide electricity and mobile connections to thousands more households in Zambia. full story

Oikocredit and Solidaridad sign new partnership to strengthen community development

Solidaridad.jpgOctober 31 | 2023 Collaboration aims to amplify partners’ impact by working together for a more equitable and sustainable world. full story

Cresol cooperative’s loan helps Brazilian smallholders Silvio and Ivete replant their coffee farm

Logo Cresol.jpgOctober 23 | 2023 One of Oikocredit’s latest partners in Brazil is Cresol União dos Vales (‘Union of Valleys’), a credit cooperative based in the Ivaí River valley region of Paraná state, close to Brazil’s ... full story

Oikocredit seals partnership with Fortune Credit as European Microfinance Award selects Kenyan MFI as finalist

Fortune Credit.jpgOctober 05 | 2023 First Oikocredit loan to Fortune Credit coincides with European Microfinance Award’s shortlisting of Kenyan microfinance institution for 2023 prize. full story

USD 26.5 million to bridge energy gaps in sub-Saharan Africa

bill clinton screenshot.pngOctober 03 | 2023 Oikocredit will invest USD 26.5 million towards renewable energy infrastructure in sub-Saharan African communities over the next four years. The funds will go towards energy generating assets and productive use equipment. full story

How impact investing empowers women: Interview with Oikocredit’s Adama Bah

Adama Bah by GENEVIÈVE CHASSÉ portraits.jpgSeptember 27 | 2023 As we publish Oikocredit’s 2023 Impact Report, Adama Bah, Social Performance Analyst at Oikocredit, shares her insights on women’s leadership and gender diversity in impact investing. full story

Oikocredit Impact Report 2023 indicates we are making a difference at scale

CID-BO-061 (1).jpgSeptember 20 | 2023 Most comprehensive impact statement to date reports on UN Sustainable Development Goals, capacity building, carbon footprint and more. full story

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