Renewable energy

The economic livelihoods of disadvantaged people are increasingly threatened by climate change. There is a demand in low-income countries for investments in renewable energy that are financially sustainable and safeguard the environment.

Renewable energy unit

Oikocredit has created a renewable energy unit based in Amersfoort, the Netherlands made up of experts in clean energy finance.

The unit is identifying and developing investment opportunities in small renewable energy projects and in energy efficiency. It is building up and managing its own portfolio of debt and equity investments.

Oikocredit’s mission is to share resources through socially responsible investments by empowering disadvantaged people with investments and capacity building. Oikocredit has developed an environmental policy that provides guidelines on how Oikocredit can contribute to a healthy ecosystem. The overall aim is to reduce the direct and indirect environmental impact of our operations, and support organizations that contribute positively to safeguarding the environment.

Triple bottom line

Renewable energy can contribute to our triple bottom line of financing organizations that are financially sustainable, creating a positive social impact for disadvantaged people and protecting the environment.


Investments in renewable energy will have many tangible benefits, such as job creation, a reduction in the use of imported fossil fuels and slowing the pace of climate change. Oikocredit plans to apply the expertise gained in promoting positive social impact with our partner organizations in microfinance and agriculture equally to its renewable energy projects.

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