Social impact

The desire to achieve positive social impact is a driving force and motivation for Oikocredit. Our work aims to contribute to positive change in the lives of individuals, households and communities. This requires careful partner selection, monitoring and support and a balanced assessment of social performance.

Achieving social impact by investing in partner organisations that deliver added value for low income people has always been the key driver for our work.

We have been a leader in implementing social impact measurement and we have shared our experience and expertise with others to advance the social agenda. Oikocredit’s value proposition for partners therefore goes beyond providing credit and equity investments. We work with them to maximise social impact for their clients and members. We do this by combining our funding with additional support.

We use the latest innovations in social performance tools to ensure our partners reach the right groups and provide services that help people move out of poverty.

Our social performance and impact assessment tools focus on:

  • selecting the right partners
  • monitoring social performance indicators
  • holding partners accountable to their social objectives
  • providing capacity building
  • gathering feedback from partners to develop products and services
  • incorporating the UN Sustainable Development Goals indicators