Let us celebrate International Coops Day

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Let us celebrate International Coops Day

Celebrating International Cooperatives Day: Coops play a central role in revitalizing the economy as we make our way past this pandemic.

June 30, 2021 at 6:34 PM - by Oikocredit Canada - 0 comments

Read the stories from our partners on the occassion of International Cooperatives Day under the theme Rebuild Better Together. 

The International Day of Co-operatives is celebrated annually on the first Saturday of July. The aim of the celebration is to increase awareness of the cooperatives, highlight the goals and objectives of the cooperative movement and build stronger collaboration between co-operatives and stakeholders.

This year we are celebrating #CoopsDay on July 3,2021 under the theme Rebuild better together. We asked our partners to share their work and stories of collaboration to rebuild sustainable communities.

Read the stories 
Helping Communities Build their Resilience

Cooperating for Change

Rebuilding Better Together

Do you hold the conviction that we can build a better world, a more cooperative world?

Rebuild Better



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