A Veteran Working in the Field of Financial Inclusion

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A Veteran Working in the Field of Financial Inclusion

December 14, 2022 at 8:48 PM - by Oikocredit Canada - 0 comments

Lindsay Wallace is a senior economist and impact measurement specialist with over 20 years of experience in economic development and financial inclusion. Lindsay Wallace is a Senior Vice President, Strategy and Impact at MEDA. Before this she was a consultant and Senior Associate with Limestone Analytics where she supported clients in strategy, impact measurement and evaluation. Previously she was Head of Impact for the Mastercard Foundation where she oversaw strategy, impact measurement and evaluation for the Foundation’s over $3 billion of committed investments. She was previously Deputy Director of the Financial Inclusion program where she managed $500 million of blended finance investments. Lindsay previously led economic growth programming for the UK Department for International Development in Rwanda, including programming in trade, climate change, agriculture, land tenure reform and financial inclusion. She also has public finance experience working with Ministries of Finance in Ontario, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Guyana in budget reform, expenditure forecasting and fiscal transparency. She lives in Toronto with her husband, son and daughter.

Lindsay-Wallace-1-scaled.jpgHow did you find out about Oikocredit? 

I’ve been working in the field of financial inclusion for many years and it was through my previous work that I came across Oikocredit. It was only in 2019 that I found out about the Canadian support association.

What is most challenging AND most rewarding about being an Oikocredit Director? 

Most challenging has been the issues surrounding a retail product so that Canadians can invest in the sector directly. Most rewarding has been the fantastic people that I have met at the Board as well as in the wider Oikocredit family.

How do you make your day productive - any habits or apps or tricks? 

Lots of to-do lists written by hand. There’s something satisfying about crossing things off with a pen.

What book have you read recently?

I recently read the “Key Man'' by Simon Clark and Will Louch about the Abraaj scandal in impact investing. It's very relevant to the work of Oikocredit. It also highlights the importance of effective due diligence and not just following the crowd.

Who inspires you?

My mother – she’s traveled far in her life and has helped and supported many people along the way.

Stay Tuned next month as we will get to know another director from the OCSA board.


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