I take breaks for Tai Chi, but humour and pondering the weather haven’t hurt either

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I take breaks for Tai Chi, but humour and pondering the weather haven’t hurt either

May 17, 2023 at 9:12 PM - by Oikocredit Canada - 0 comments

 Oikocredit Canada Support Association (OCSA) is led by a volunteer board of directors responsible for carrying out Oikocredit's grassroots education and outreach initiatives. The directors come from diverse fields and bring immense experience to the board.

Though we know them professionally through their work, today, we dig deep and ask them some informal questions to get to know them better and learn more about their likes, passions and other areas of interest. Today we speak with Brigid McQuaid, Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper and learn more about her work and passions.

How did you find out about Oikocredit?

I first encountered Oikocredit at a booth they were manning at a show at Exhibition Place in Toronto, I was impressed by the integrity of their mission.

What is the most challenging and rewarding about working at Oikocredit?

The challenge – the unvarnished exposure to the needs of those around the world. The reward - defeating helplessness through working with my colleagues at Oikocredit.

 How do you make your day productive - any habits or apps or tricks?

To keep me grounded, I take breaks for Tai Chi and mindfulness meditation, but humour and pondering the weather hasn’t hurt either.  

 What is your idea of the perfect vacation? Or What book have you read recently?

A perfect vacation would be taking any ferry to anywhere in British Columbia.

 Who inspires you?

David Suzuki



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