Oikocredit and Canada: A Celebration of Impact

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Oikocredit and Canada: A Celebration of Impact

December 20, 2023 at 6:58 PM - by Oikocredit Canada - 0 comments

The Support Association Oikocredit Canada made its first contribution to our global cooperative 40 years ago. Since then, together with the other Canadian members, it has made a marked contribution to the growth and success of Oikocredit. The dedication of the Canadian volunteers to support the cooperative through investments and capacity building has been remarkable. Canadian members have always stood out in the life of the cooperative with a progressive voice for social justice and human dignity.

As Oikocredit nears its 50 th anniversary, it has grown into a global cooperative with tangible impact on the lives of people in the global South. The contribution made by the Canadian members, including the support association, speaks for itself: just in the last five years, through your support, Oikocredit’s partner organizations in the global South were able to provide access to financial services to more than 980,000 people; finance almost 19,000 farmers; and power close to 1800 households with clean energy.

Today we celebrate Oikocredit Canada’s impact and draw inspiration from your loyal support. We also look into the future, counting on the continued support from Oikocredit’s Canadian church members. We remain hopeful that one day we will be able again to offer a direct route for individuals from Canada to support our cooperative. Nonetheless, you remain part of the Oikocredit family, and we hope you will continue keeping in touch--joining us for webinars, giving us your
feedback, and advocating Oikocredit’s mission to empower people on low incomes to build a life of dignity.

Thank you supporting Oikocredit for 40 years!

Patrick Stutvoet, Director, Inflow and Business Enablers, & Lydia Tomitova, Director, Investor Relations and Capital Raising


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